Title Dispensing system & components
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Dispensing system & components

Piezo fast acting dispensing products

marco's piezo ceramic driver for precise high speed dispensing valves makes us the world's leading developer and manufacturer of micro dispensing technology.

Our versatile piezo dispensing technology is empowered by the unchallenged piezo ceramic Torque Block® :  a universal, cost effective, reliable and high performance drive.

To the individual task of your industrial production process we provide a rugged, reliable, precise and unparalleled powerful dispense solution.

We resort to multiple proven modules of our large portfolio of dispensing products and accessoiries.

Excerpt of modul portfolio:

Fine dispensing of liquids and reactive hotmelts

top precision = repeatability @ jetting

modulable shots from 4 nl

shot sequences up to 2 kHz

1000 Hz @ full stroke & continuous load!

continuous strings at accuracy of < 1% vol.

continuous string dispensing with modifiable volume flow

bubble free dispensing

reactive hotmelt dispensing


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