Title The heart of the system: Superior Jet dispensing valve
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The heart of all marco dispensing systems beats fast, precisely and persistently. The drive of the marco Superior Jet dispensing valve and the range of modular valves allow high-precision, fast dispensing of a large variety of media with a tolerance of less than 1% of the dispensed volume.

Example of the dispensing results for a UV-curing adhesive (2.000 cPs) :

With marco’s unique piezo drive, the valves work fast and reliably, for both dispensing without contact (jetting) and contact dispensing (e.g. with a needle). In the standard configuration, dispensing frequencies up to 1,200 Hz can be achieved in continuous operation. marco guarantees a failure-free service life of 1,000,000,000 cycles. The high frequency and long service life lead to higher productivity and significant cost savings for the customer.

The selection of suitable parameters and components results in a valve that can dispense volumes of 0.5 nL (0.6 µg at the corresponding density) and reach drop diameters down to 0.2 mm (trials conducted with an adhesive with a viscosity of 180 mPas). The valves can easily dispense adhesives in narrow spaces of 0.1 – 0.3 mm, an important feature for numerous applications in electronics manufacturing (underfill e.g.). With its modular design, the marco superior jet dispensing valve and the standard modular valves are perfectly adapted to our highly specialised systems. They communicate via RS485 bus technology with auxiliary devices such as heaters, pressure controllers, level sensors etc. The system’s easy handling, its versatility in meeting a large variety of dispensing requirements and the complete replaceability of all parts subject to regular wear, keep set-up costs, maintenance and overall cost of operation, to a minimum.

Valve seat module for the Superior Jet dispensing valve and other modular valves:
Superior Jet dispensing valve with dot counting function:


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