Title The brain of the system: System control centre
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The valves and dispensing systems are controlled via touch screen monitors, available with a screen size of 7“ or 10“. Even complex systems are easy to operate with the user-friendly application software interface. The software provides a clear overview of all components and their current status.

For more in-depth access to the operating system, the monitor provides a multitude of high-performance functions. All available parameters and data can be recorded and displayed (history function). A user-friendly program editor can store ten different dispensing programs with up to 100 dispensing steps. A particularly helpful function is offered by the customizable opening and closing edges.
Depending on the application, the dispensing process can be optimised to achieve best possible results. Many additional functions are available via the graphical user interface. Special menus provide comfortable and intuitive control for systems using hot melt, 2K adhesives or filled media. Forty different systems can be controlled in parallel via one single terminal.

10” System control centre:


7” System control centre


Driver box

As a low-cost alternative, the valves can be controlled via a driver box. The driver box offers similar functionality to the touch screen monitor. Due to its compact design, however, it cannot compete with the easy and intuitive operability of the touch screen.


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