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Title Solder paste dispensing
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Solder paste dispensing

Solder paste dispensing solutions

Depending on fluid material characteristics you may choose from contact or non-contact (jetting) dispensing systems. Both provide unchallenged high speed and accuracy, and smallest dot sizes achievable.

Option 1 - contact dispensing solder paste:


§  Fastest contact micro-dispensing of solder paste

§  Widest range of dispensable fluid characteristics (non-ropy)

§  Neither clogging nor welding of valve seats

§  Even very high viscous fluids or paste with suspended abrasive solids

§  Precisely regulated dispensing

§  Integrated pressure control

§  System only requires electrical, fluid and air supply

§  A touch screen monitor (HMI) is used to operate and control the system

§  All parts in contact with fluids exchangeable

§  High operational availability

§  Contact dispensing of strings or dots

HMI provides easy all-inclusive control of dispensing

High speed slider valve for contact dispensing system

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Option 2 - jetting high viscous solder paste:

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