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Hot melt

Reactive Hot Melt Jet Dispensing Solution

The mTS/puh/3xx system is specially designed to dispense heat-sensitive hot melt adhesives which should only be heated up to the required processing temperature for a short period of time and in a hermetically sealed environment.


§  Hot melt conditioning with separate heating zones, temperature sensors and fill level monitoring

§  No gas contact

§  Precisely regulated dispensing

§  Integrated pressure control

§  System only requires electrical, media and air supply

§  Plug-in 30 ccm / 50 ccm syringe, 300 ml cartridge and 3x pressure amplifier for 30 ml syringe

§  A touch screen monitor (HMI) is used to operate and control the system

§  All parts in contact with medium easy to replace at low cost

§  High operational availability

§  Contact or jetted dispensing of strings or dots

§  Extend work life by managing fluid viscosity

HMI provides easy all-inclusive control of dispensing

Jetting valve with perfect hot melt conditioning and control

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Performance, proofs and benefits:

§  Permanent 1,000 Hz achieve good line shape (or 500 Hz in case of 190°C )

§  Heat conditioning up to 190°C

§  Min. dot size 300 µm by Jet- and 200 µm by marco-screw-needle-dispensing

§  Line speed up to 100 or 200 mm/s

§  Jet dispensing & contact dispensing

§  Extends work- & pot-life by controlled feed temperature profile rising towards exit nozzle

§  Work & pot-life: 12 hours with marco managed visc. compared to 4 hours of conventional current solutions

§  Weight tolerance: +/- 5% over 8 hours

§  Easy cleaning by modular design

§  Minimized downtime

§  Wide coverage for hot melt fluid viscosities

§  3x pressure amplifier plunger achieves good Jet dispensing and increase line speed for high viscous fluids

§  Full process control: HMI with touch screen controls all parts (melting tank, static mixer, valve)

§  PC/PLC communication RS485

§  Level detecting sensor can alarm at fluid position level and is monitored thru system


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