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Title LED Fluid Dispensing
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LED fluid dispensing

LED fluid micro-dispensing at high speed

For production of white LED elements the fluid with suspended phosphorescent solids must be kept from separation. Accurate high speed dispensing and conditioning in the fluid feeding proved to achieve best yield, quality and productivity. Marco provides contact and non-contact high speed micro-dispensing systems. See high yield production of LED Side View by use of our piezo actuated slider valves.


  • Slider mechanism allows dispensing suspended solids and paste
  • Dot and string dispensing for solid and abrasive loaded fluids
  • Neither clogging nor welding of valve seats
  • Needle or contact dispensing
  • Optional: jet dispensing
  • All wetted parts exchangeable
  • Full software control of dispensing process
  • No dog bone or cobra head shape of dots or strings
  • Maximum accuracy and repeatability
  • Lowest wear and tear of wetted parts
  • Best best life-time with abrasive phosphor particles

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