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Title Managed Stroke Dispensing
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Managed stroke dispensing

Managed stroke dispensing – full software control of micro actions

The kinematics of lift and drop in the valve seat closure mechanism are decisive for ability and result at high speed  dispensing of fluids, especially at jetting viscous liquids in the range of nano to micro liters.

And dispensing performance is unchallenged high: kinematic optimized pop-actions are executed even at up to 1 kHz at full stroke and in continuous operation of your high speed production.

And stroke modulation creates superior alternatives, i.e. to the accumulation of multiple micro dot jettings.

Ergonomic easy-to-use software of marco dispensing systems provide means and assistance to optimize the exact inner valve pop-action behavior to application experts of micro dispensing.

USP fundamentals

Two main innovations created the universal source of reliable high speed micro dispensing systems and gain leadership in efficiency, productivity and cost of ownership:

  • Piezoceramic Torque-Block® - the sole piezoelectric valve drive with stringent reproducible kinematic behavior and flexible slope options
  • Kinematics fully software controlled by electronics


  • Free design of slope definition at screen (HMI or remote)
  • Determination of opening slope, opening stroke, closing slope for single shot
  • Opening stroke modifiable during micro dispensing process
  • Multisignal feedback for dispensing stroke regulation
  • Up- and download, plug&play for sequences
  • Multi-sequence operation mode
  • Smart ergonomic software interface
  • Ergonomic touch screen menues (HMI) to parametrize and control the system - or remote by PLC

Touch screen for stroke kinematics

HMI provides easy all-inclusive control of dispensing

Expert mode: define or select the slope shapes of the pop-action

Performance, proofs and benefits:

  • Precision dispensing of continued lines
  • Flow and line diameter modulation during continued line dispensing
  • Combined dots and string dispensing, jetting
  • Variable dot size jetting
  • Individual dot sizes at choice from 3 nl to 1 µl
  • Anti micro bubble performance by ball speed control
  • Ball lift speed control to avoid cavitation and degas at bubble free dispensing
  • Optimized dot volumes for bubble free dispensing
  • Optimized kinematic pop-actions for satellite free high speed jetting
  • Dot speed control for smooth touch-down (splash free jetting)
  • No clogging: non stamping valve seat operation may avoid conglomeration or pile up of materials
  • Abrasives: increased lifetime with non stamping valve seat operation mode

Competitive COO

Quick and easy exchange of wetted parts: competitive cost of ownership plus highest productive availability

High speed micro-dispensing valves with piezoceramic Torque-Block®-drive


Easy handling for service and exchange: valve inserts


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