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Title Precision Dispensing
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Precision Dispensing

Precision Dispensing Solution

Precision dispensing benefits from the extraordinary dynamic range of marco dispensing systems: even tiniest dots and smallest beads are dispensed most accurate, consistent and repeatable - while performance is unchallenged high: even at up to 1 kHz at full stroke and in continuous operation.


  • 1,000 Hz (1 kHz) continuous dispensing at full accuracy
  • Steepest pop action worldwide: only 0.2ms per stroke cycle (open&close valve)
  • About +-1% tolerance
  • Consistent feeding system
  • Precisely regulated dispensing
  • Integrated pressure control
  • No gas contact option for liquids - for bubble free dispensing
  • Feeding from syringe by attached pressure amplifier
  • System only requires electrical, media and air supply
  • Ergonomic touch screen menues (HMI) to parametrize and control the system - or remote by PLC
  • All parts in contact with medium easy to replace at low cost
  • Contact or jetted dispensing of strings or dots

HMI provides easy all-inclusive control of dispensing

Jetting valve with attached pneumatic pressurizer

Easy handling for service and exchange: valve inserts

Performance, proofs and benefits:

  • Narrow gap dispensing: i.e.: 0.1 - 0.2mm gap in underfill applications
  • No contamination on substrate

Underfill in narrow gap of 200 µm

  • Slim bead of some 0.2 - 0.3 mm for Side-Fill (i.e. for camera modules): edge line dispensing
  • Jet dispensing, non-contact dispensing

Side-fill in camera module: 200 .. 400 µm

  • Less than 0.3 mm line width dispensing
  • No dog bone or cobra head shape at high line speed
  • Jet dispensing & contact dispensing

Die bond dispensing by contact, roughly 0.2 mm

  • Smallest deposits by fastest piezo jetting valve:
  • 0.5 - 1 µg dot weight for low viscosity glue

High speed micro-dispensing valves with piezoceramic Torque-Block®-drive


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