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HMI Control

HMI: Cockpit for application of precision dispensing

Systematic and easy access to successful precision dispensing is a maxim of marco dispensing systems.

Animated visualization makes the HMI or MMI (Human-Machine or Man-Machine Interface) the most comfortable place to define, develop, to analyze or to remodel a dispensing job.

This usability is supported by each hardware module as well as by the finally completed system solutions for high speed precision micro dispensing:

The functional modules identify each other the moment they are connected and the HMI will automatically pop-up the appropriate interactive windows in a menu. Thus the HMIs touch-screen provides an all inclusive structured overview and command access to all variables constituting the dispensing system and its functionality.

The HMI comprises various communication ports, data storage and two slots for optional integration of valve driver modules.

Any predefined dispensing job may be operated without involvement of the HMI, too.


The HMI (MMI) is able to drive two high speed micro dispensing valves by inserted driver modules; additional driver modules for an unlimited number of precision dispensing valves with piezoceramic Torque-Block®-actuator may connect externally.

Plug&play at micro dispensing by self-aligning hardware

  1. Modular dispensing valves
  2. Valve driver (incl. controller and communication bridge)
  3. Double piston pump
  4. Melt tanks (temperature sensitive hot melts)
  5. Agitation tank (dispersion maintenance)
  6. Fluid level monitored pressurized syringes
  7. Various fluid pressure amplification tools
  8. Pressure regulator for pneumatic supply


The HMI vis/vt107/10m* initialises automatically with all components connected and provides an immediate status of the high speed micro dispensing system.

A visualization by symbolised functions corresponding to the connected modul features offers dialog icons for variables at choice or access to more detailed (expert) menues of the feature.

Special menues provide overview of analytic event log-files and interfacing.

Main menu topics:

  • Individual shot shaping
  • Pattern definition by selecting multiple shot and string parameters for a dispensing sequence
  • Temperature management at tank, fluid path and valve seat
  • Pressure regulation
  • Precison volumetric controlled dispensing flow management
  • Fluid handling: level control, refill, agitation


Feature/aspect Value
Number of dispensing valves controllable no limitation
Insertable dispensing valve driver/controller two
Frequency range for jetting 0..3000 Hz (up to 1kHz permanently)
Valve aperture controllable 0..100% (while dispensing)
Open-close curve of valve aperture free definition in expert mode
Dispensing pattern sequences 10 available in process run, up- and download unlimited
Distinguished menues operator, service, expert and dispensing process developer, customized
Module menues activated by connected module hardware, plug&play
Communication USB, Ethernet, I/O, RS485/Modbus via mtv/ehm-module
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 270x237x81
Mounting orientation vertical +-30° (heat convection)
Mass (kg), empty ca. 6 kg
Ambient temperature max. 40 °C
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Level of protection IP31

Order code / marco article No.

marco article-ID Type indication Type comment Main aspect
vis/vt107/10m0a vt107/10 touchscreen 10" no valve driver internally
vis/vt107/10m1a vt107/10 touchscreen 10" one valve driver inserted
vis/vt107/10m2a vt107/10 touchscreen 10" two valve driver inserted
vis/vt107/mh   holder/frame useful accessories, see datasheet



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