Title SlopeGate Dispensing
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SlopeGate dispensing

Slider dispensing valve with "Slope-Gate" operation mode

short opening slider valve  for high frequency micro-dispensing and smallest dots of solid particle carrying fluids (solder 

paste, LED-materials,...)


Features and key benefits:
  1. bistabile slider mechanism for doubled dispensing speed
  2. smallest dot sizes for filled or paste like fluids achievable
  3. neither clogging nor welding of valve seats
  4. needle or contact dispensing
  5. optional: jet dispensing
  6. all wetted parts exchangeable
  7. full software control of dispensing process
  8. no dog bone or cobra head shape of dots or strings
  9. maximum accuracy and repeatability


Feature / aspect Value
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 146 x 30 x 66
Max. dispensing frequency 200 Hz, 40 Hz continuous
Minimum dispensing time for full stroke 800 µs (open and close once)
piezoceramic valve drive

Torque-Block®: for 100% control (open and close), reliability

and repeatable actuation

Maximum dispensing time infinite (permanent dispensing)
Dispensable fluids

paste, solderpaste, lubricants e.g. oils and grease, paints and

dyes, aqueous solutions,

organic solvents, adhesives and adhesive components, liquid polymers and polymer solutions, and many other liquids
Dispensable viscosity range [mPas] paste like (viscosity plus filler load)
Dispensable fillers in the fluid

no restriction; viable particle size, wear and clogging to be

evaluated individually;

LED materials as abrasive phosphoric or luminiscent cristals 


Maximum pause time infinite (stop)
Accuracy better 8% (needle dispensing)
Max. operational pressure 6 bar
Ambient temperature range up to 45 °C
Fluid temperature range up to 60 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C - 85 °C
Maintenance and inspection intervall valve seat >5,000,000 cycles (depending on fluid)
Maintenance and inspection intervall valve drive with piezoceramic Torque-Block® >2,000,000,000 cycles (expected life span)
Wetted parts material

steel grade 1.4305 (AISI grade 303), ceramics, FFKM, NBR,

PEEK, Silicone, or custom specific

Valve seat (valve insert), ball, nozzle plate, cartridge

self aligning; made of hard ceramics; removable for cleaning

and can be disassembled and replaced individually

Nozzle diameter (range of orifices in valve seats) 200 to 600 µm
Electrical connection

cable with 10 pin plug (coming soon: sockets for modular


Fluid connection M10 x 1, Luer-Lock, or 6mm diameter tube
Fastening thread on valve body 6 x M4, 6mm deep, tightening torque 2.5Nm +0.2
Degree of protection IP54 (Socket IP40)
Explosion protection none
Storage temperature -10°C to +85°C
Weight 0.4 kg


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