Title Tuffy dedicated valve
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This product is dedicated for Tuffy glue, model mts/ccl/a.

Marco reinforcement system used in UV glue and other light curing adhesive, by the injection valve, increase the pump and barrel composition. Excellent glue control accuracy, reaching 99.5% or more, to achieve 1000mg alternately at 100mg / s flow rate of injection.

In the piston on the integrated detection device, you can accurately adjust the amount of glue and gel form. The booster pump is pressurized at a 3: 1 or 12: 1 boost ratio to prevent colloid from contacting the air, avoiding air bubbles and achieving good ejection results.
The system is equipped with 10-inch touch screen, intuitive interface display, visualization system monitoring, to help operators to better monitor and control the entire injection process.
The system has a great advantage in the field of display manufacturing, to achieve a seamless connection of the display surface.


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