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Title Dispensing industry development trend
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Dispensing industry is developed from the United States and Europe, with the increasing requirement of Japanese electronics industry, the demand for a large number of dispensers emerges in the United States, Europe and Japan manufacturers.

In China, due to the rapid development of the industry, attracting a large number of foreign and Taiwanese enterprises' investments, more professional dispensing technology has also been imported. Realizing the application of dispensing valve, a large number of Chinese manufacturers introduce foreign technology in their products. The initial formation of the competition between manufacturers, but because of the low accuracy, unstable dispensing process, customers still prefer foreign brands in this high precision precision industry.

The traditional contact dispensing technology is mainly used in electronic components, LED packaging and other industries, but in the era of rapid development of the packaging industry, the application of products gradually becomes thiner and shorter, the traditional contact dispensing has been insufficient to meet the requirements of the industry, in order to accurately meet the industry precise dispensing, non-contact dispensing is also born.

In order to achieve precise filling in small substrate, non-contact dispensing has become jet dispensing. A high-precision dispenser can complete a variety of customer demand patterns. The non-contact dispensing can better control the flow of glue, filling area, glue thickness, dispensing frequency and other precision requirements, to achieve the perfect product packaging and reduce the error.

Advantages of non-contact dispensing:

  1. Reduce the contact between machine and product, can effectively avoid drawing, scratches and so on.
  2. In the spray products, reduce the third robot arm of the process, improve production efficiency and save production time.
  3. Because of accuracy of non-contact dispensing, high-precision demands from a wider range of products' application has been solved.