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Title Factors influences the dispensing accuracy
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With the continuous development and the progress of the industry, the requirements toward dispensing technology is more and more strict. The effectiveness of dispensing significantly influences the product's production, so consmers prefer more sophisticated instruments to reduce the the effect from dispensing error.

The traditional contact dispensing has been unable to meet the requirments of the industry.

Feeding presure: In the factory production process, the changes of feeding pressure are ubiquitous. It directly leads to the effectiveness of flue amount and causes glue breakage, drawing, overflow and so on.

Needle selection: Different dispensing requires different kind of needles, the moving distance between the needle and the substrate will also affect the effect of dispensing.

The characteristics of glue: Glue viscosity directly affect the effect of dispensing. Change the temperature of the glue will also affect its viscosity. Observing the fixed line of glue to reduce the impact of temperature on the glue. If there is bubble in the glue, a lot of locations on the product will not be filled.

In summary, the factors affecting the effect of dispensing is a lot. Most of the time, together with a variety of factors will cause a greater error on the product, so more sophisticated dispensing equipment is always a better choice  to avoid these problems, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.