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Title Piezoceramic technology
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Piezoceramic is made from an inorganic nonmetallic material which having function of converting mechanical energy and electrical energy from each other. Piezoceramic uses its material under the action of mechanical stress, causing the internal positive and negative charge center which is relative to displacement and polarization, resulting in the both ends of the material appears on the opposite side of the bond charge which is produced by the piezoelectric effect with sensitive features and a wide range of applications.

Piezoceramic under the action of electric field produces very small deformation, up to no more than one millionth of its size. But do not underestimate this small change, based on the principle of precision control agencies - piezoelectric actuators, it is a great gospel for precision instruments and mechanical control, microelectronics technology, bioengineering and other fields.

In 1999, with the mature of marco in piezoceramic technology - gradually applied to the field of precision dispensing - the Company produced the world's first batch of piezoelectric ceramic dispensing valve which is into the daily production of precision electronic products. The well-known Nordson EFD-pico series is supplied by marco. In other words, the Company also indirectly provides technical support for the development of the electronics industry.

Piezo dispensing system is made up of two parts: the controller and the dispensing valve. The controller can control the dispensing valve speed and dispensing volume. In the use of hot melt adhesive, the controller can also detect colloidal temperature and liquid level.

The injection valve is composed of multiple parts, the key core for the piezoelectric mechanism, for the different viscosity of the colloid targeted products.

Marco piezo dispensing system has a high flexibility, customer can find suitable solutions for different technical requirements of the product.