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Marco piezoelectric ceramic injection valve series, is Marco's own research and development of Torque-Block patented technology as the core, through a professional software platform controller, injection valve, temperature control, feed pressure control, material level detection and some organic Combined to meet customers for UV, Hot melt, Underfill, patch red plastic, epoxy resin and other applications of the wide range of requirements.

Marco has a different customization curve for piezoelectric ceramics for each of the different application cases. To avoid operational problems during operation, the software port is not open to anyone outside Marco's technical engineers.

Marco piezoelectric ceramic injection valve series, the use of innovative Mu Zuhua design, all parts in contact with the colloid can be individually disassembled, which not only effectively reduce the customer in the course of the normal loss of use, and workers only need to spend a very Less time, you can clean the jet valve, greatly reducing the maintenance and use of cost.

Marco piezoelectric ceramic injection valve, is committed to solve the precision dispensing industry, a variety of challenging tasks, and can accurately control the amount of glue within the 2% range, with 20 years of industry experience, to provide professional solutions and Localized services. In order to better close to the development and demand of the industry, in 2014 Marco company in China set up a fine dispensing Division, and set up a professional laboratory and professional service team, in order to provide customers with more professional system solutions and quality After-sales service.

Marco 压电陶瓷喷射阀系列,是以Marco公司自身研发的Torque-Block 专利技术为核心,通过专业的软件平台将控制器、喷射阀、温度控制、进料压力控制、料位检测等部分有机的结合在一起,满足客户对于UV、Hot melt、Underfill、贴片红胶、环氧树脂等胶水应用案例的广泛要求。

Marco 公司对于每个不同的应用案例都有不同的压电陶瓷工作订制曲线,为避免工作过程中出现操作问题,软件端口暂不会对Marco技术工程师以外人员开放。

Marco 压电陶瓷喷射阀系列,采用创新性穆祖华设计,所有与胶体接触的部件都可以单独进行拆卸,这样不仅有效的减少了客户在使用过程中的正常损耗,而且每天工人只需花费很少的时间,便可以将喷射阀清洁干净,极大的降低了维护和使用成本。

Marco 压电陶瓷喷射阀,致力于解决精密点胶行业各种挑战性任务,并可以精确的将胶量误差控制在2%范围之内,凭借二十年行业经验,为客户提供专业解决方案和本土化服务。为了更好的贴近行业的发展和需求,2014年Marco 公司在中国组建了精密点胶事业部,并成立了专业实验室和专业的服务团队,以便为客户提供更专业的系统解决方案以及优质的售后服务。