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Title Industrial piezo technology
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Industrial Piezoelectric Technology

Marco made of piezoelectric ceramics

• Marco creates a unique product by transforming basic chemical elements into piezoelectric ceramics

• Long-term practical experience in materials engineering and applications is the basis for making your product perfect.

• The quality control process complies with the automotive industry standard to ensure reliability and availability.

• We produce and improve our own ceramics and turn them into the basic functional modules of our products.

Marco is independent!

Industrial Competency and Piezoelectric Ceramics

• Industry Competencies represent accurate, reproducible, reliable and robust products with long service life.

• Marco's all patents include modules with unique industrial applications with piezoelectric ceramic properties.

• Application methods practiced by marco must be first applied to piezoelectric ceramics before they apply to industrial applications.


With the increasing productivity, quality, resource utilization and precision requirements in the field of industrial production, it means that even if traditional tasks are transferred to our unique technology and product modules.


▪ Torque block®: Powerful linearly controlled actuator lever and high-productivity applications without connectors
▪ modular transducer®: Ultrasonic sensor with non-frequency dependent waveform factor
▪ True structural sound sensor: no moving quality, allowing 0.01Hz linearity

Torque block® makes marco a global leader in engineering and manufacturing dispensing technology. Future potential applications look forward to your business initiative!

Customize electronics, controls and software for your modules

▪ You specify the mechanical task and the electronic interface

▪ marco analyzes tasks from a system perspective -

▪ marco provides the corresponding functional modules that contain electronic interfaces and software.

All use high productivity series of processes!




• marco通过将基本化学元素转变成压电陶瓷创造了独一无二的产品

• 在材料工程和应用中的长期实践经验是使你的产品完美的基础。

• 质检流程符合汽车行业标准,保证了可靠性和可用性。

• 我们生产并改善我们自己的陶瓷,将他们变成我们产品的基础功能模块。

• marco是独立的!


• 工业胜任力表示精确,可复制,可靠且鲁棒的产品同时具有长服务寿命。

• Marco所有的发明专利都包含具有压电陶瓷特性的为独特工业应用的模块。

• 由marco实践的应用方法在他们适用于工业应用之前必须首先应用于压电陶瓷。




▪ Torque block®:强大的线性可控执行器杠杆以及无连接头的高生产率应用
▪ modular transducer®:具有非频率依赖波形系数的超声波传感器
▪ 真实结构声传感器:无移动质量,允许0.01Hz的线性特性

Torque block®使marco成为工程和生产点胶技术领域的全球领导者。未来潜在的应用期待您的商业主动性!


▪ 您指定机械任务及电子接口

▪ marco从系统角度分析任务并—

▪ marco提供相应的功能模块包含电子接口和软件。